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OPOL Forms for Completion - Guidance about Forms to use.

These forms are available in PDF format and in Word for easier entry of data electronically.
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This OPOL Continuous Certification Programme Flowchart sets out the procedure and the forms for use are available below.



Form A.          Application to become a Party
This form should be completed and returned to OPOL by an Operator or an intending Operator of an Offshore Facility located within an area to which the Offshore Pollution Liability Agreement (the Agreement) dated September 1974 applies.

A copy of the form will be returned to the Applicant by OPOL, countersigned to indicate acceptance.       

Form B.           Establishment of Financial Responsibility
It is a requirement of the Agreement that each Party shall provide OPOL with satisfactory evidence of financial responsibility to meet its obligations under the Agreement. Rules indicating the means whereby such evidence may be provided are available in the Rules section of this site, together with appropriate forms for completion. Such forms must be sent to OPOL before :

  • a party to the OPOL has been authorized to, by agreement with other persons, and does, manage, conduct and control the operation of an Offshore Facility, subject to the terms and conditions of said agreement; or
  • a party to OPOL manages, conducts and controls the operation of an Offshore Facility in which only it has an interest.