The Offshore Pollution Liability Association Ltd

Information for Prospective Members

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What is the purpose of OPOL?

OPOL is a reflection of the responsible attitude of the offshore oil industry to ensure that harm is not caused by its operations, and demonstrates that the industry can properly organise its affairs so that if oil pollution should be caused from offshore facilities, valid claims will be met in accordance with the conditions and within the limits set out.

OPOL provides a mechanism for the settlement of such claims expeditiously and without disputes. It ensures that funds are available to meet claims, both through the requirement to show evidence of financial responsibility and by reason of the obligation on parties to contribute to claims due from a party that fails to meet its obligations.


Who may be parties to OPOL?

OPOL is structured so that only the operator, or intending operator, under a licence may be a party. In the case of a joint venture, the operator assumes the obligations under OPOL for all other participants.

The continuous certification procedure in place for prospective and existing members is set out in the Continuous Certification Programme Flowchart and the forms for use are available in the Forms section of the website.


How is application made to become a party to OPOL?

An operator or intending operator wishing to become a party may submit an Application to the Association on Form A.